Майкл Дуглас похвастался первым фото своей внучки
The actor is extremely proud to have become a grandfather.

The Granddaughter Of Michael Douglas Lua Izzy

Photo: Social Networks

Michael Douglas very glad to have him
there was the first granddaughter. And it is no less than the very fact of girls
the light, pleased that this joyful event happened in the family of his eldest
son Cameron, who, until recently, gave him, for the most part,

“Congratulations to my son Cameron and his
charming girlfriend Vivian —
the occasion of the birth of their daughter, Lua!” — signed a proud grandfather photo tiny
granddaughter. Baby, full name of which Lua Izzy, was captured in the moment when
she peacefully slept. Cameron has already explained
the origin of the second name of my daughter. As it turned out, it was named in honor of
her great-grandfather — the famous “Spartacus” kirk Douglas, who recently celebrated
its 101 anniversary. It turns out that kirk, whose real name is issur of Danielovich, it
parents, who immigrated to the U.S. from a small town in the Mogilev province, was named
in childhood it was “Izzy”.

As for Cameron, he is very happy with the
how is his life the last two years. After all, as long as it
freed from prison, where he was imprisoned for 7 years for trying to sell drugs to the agent
in civilian clothes, he leads an exemplary lifestyle. Cameron is allowed to move in
Los Angeles, and he’s going back to acting, which was
interrupted his criminal misadventures.

Say, to get back on track Cameron helped
his girlfriend Vivian. Douglas-the eldest girl his son is really like — unlike
from former friends of Cameron. Indeed, one of his past female friends — Kelly Sott,
at the time, was caught trying to smuggle him drugs in jail, for what
he received an additional term of imprisonment.