Philip shamed the Europeans

Филипп Киркоров пристыдил европейцев
King of the Russian platform are dissatisfied with the lack of a sense of taste.

Филипп Киркоров пристыдил европейцев


Photo: @fkirkorov Instagram Philip Kirkorov

Photo: @fkirkorov Instagram Philip Kirkorov

Philip wrote in his scathing post about
how Europe’s decorate the Christmas tree. King of the Russian platform was
very disappointed, looks like a symbol of the New year in many major
the cities of Europe.

“Shock, sensation, antichip!
Scroll to the right. Me often reproach that I am too brightly dressed. Well, first, no, and secondly, that you
a good example of what happens when people don’t end up thinking the way.
The only way Christmas trees including. Well, shame on you, shame on you, gentlemen, that relate to the main character Christmas
show!” — said Kirkorov.

Your statement Philip made a few
photos which proves that European designers do often “miss the mark”
in the design of the Christmas tree. At the same time, said the man on decoration spent
a huge amount. Many netizens did not agree with the statement of the artist.
Others advised Philip retired to go to Europe and personally to solve the problem of bad Christmas decoration major European cities.