Дана Борисова впервые показала дочку после скандала
TV star talked about the relationship with Pauline.

Dana Borisova with her daughter Pauline

Photo: @Instagram danaborisova_official Dana Borisova

Lou Ferrigno the night before was found with his 10-year-old daughter. Her date with Pauline passed in one of capital restaurants. TV star talked about the fact that we were able to finally make peace with the girl who recently refused to communicate with my mom.

“Then quarrel, then make peace! But we love each other madly and are happy together!” concluded Dana. However, some fans suspected, which is that the frame Borisov filmed with hot drink in hand. “How so? He already did?” — outraged her followers. Borisov was quick to reassure fans: she didn’t drink alcohol at a meeting with Polina.

Not so long ago, Dana told me that after she was forcibly taken to rehab in Thailand, the daughter began to refuse to communicate with her. Pauline has since lived with his father, a businessman Maxim Aksenov, who allegedly poisoned her against her mother. “Paula told me: “Yes how can you be my mom!”. It is unacceptable to bring such cruelty to a 10-year-old child. Thank you all for your understanding, kindness and support. I hope the country will not allow my girl left without a mom. I’m madly in love with her!” she said in social networks.

Dana met Pauline shortly after discharge from the hospital, where she “thundered” 12 Dec. Borisov denies that he tried to commit suicide, as was reported immediately after her hospitalization.