Майкл Дуглас стал дедом в первый раз
The famous actor born granddaughter.

Майкл Дуглас стал дедом в первый раз

Michael Douglas and Cameron Douglas


39-year-old Cameron, the eldest son of Michael Douglas from the first marriage of the actor with the Diandra Luker,
became a father. Vivian, his girlfriend gave birth to a girl whose name
parents have not yet reported.

“Today I witnessed a miracle
the birth of my daughter. She helped come into this world my beautiful
Amazon. I’m so proud of you!” — posted by son Michael under the photo of Vivian, which
he has shared. In this picture a friend of Cameron with the already huge pregnant belly
bravely balancing on one leg in a yoga pose.

Recently, the eldest son Michael shared his experiences in
the eve of the birth of his first child. “I’m very excited and with a huge
looking forward to this event. I was very encouraged by the challenge to create for my
daughter really happy life!” — said Cameron.

Vivian Tibs

Photo: @cameronmorrelldouglas/Instagram

As for the newly minted case — a 73-year-old Michael, he just shines with pride. A few weeks ago the actor, who had recently participated in the celebration of the 101st birthday of his father, kirk, said: “very soon I will become a grandfather for the first time. I am very happy, although a bit nervous,” Michael is full now of the most optimistic expectations. He is sure that hard times in the life of Cameron, who has been in prison for 7 years for drugs, buried in the past forever. And now he will get about his elder son who stated his desire to return to the acting profession, only good news.