Гоша Куценко поздравил Елену Исинбаеву с рождением ребенка
The representative of the Olympic champion commented on changes in her life.

Yelena Isinbayeva receives congratulations with that
she became a mother for the second time. Did subscribers microblog of the Russian
jumper, after she published the photograph, the setting which resembles the labour ward. Under the post athlete left two images: waving hands and pregnant
women, which fans perceived as a signal that labor has begun. Post
was left Isinbayeva back in the day.

“Congratulations! Yay! Children are our
future! Well done! Keep it up! A boy or a girl?” — subscribers were
unanimous as in their assumptions and in the comments. Among
Lena congratulated with a joyful event was Gosha Kutsenko. “Yes! Lena! Olympia!”
— enthusiastically commented on the actor photo.

But the actor, like other members Isinbayeva hurried. According to the official representative of Elena, she still is in an interesting position. “While still too early to congratulate. Now Lena went on maternity leave, resting and preparing for this event,” commented 7days.ru Margarita Barysheva.

It is worth noting that Elena before you go on maternity leave in the ninth month of pregnancy, led an active lifestyle. She quietly flew airplanes for
the country, attending social and sporting events. So, in mid-October, she
visit Sochi at the world festival of youth and students. Then
accompanied the Ambassador of Monaco in Volgograd, where he built him a real tour
attractions of his hometown. Back in Moscow, Elena
days worked in the office of his charitable organization, held meetings and
took part in several events.

Recall, that the athlete
preparing for the birth of the second child, became
known in July. The figure Isinbayeva was not noticeable, but it
“passed” a friend of Tina Kandelaki. “Karjakin became a father for the second time, Yelena Isinbayeva is also waiting for
second!” — shared TV presenter with the media, even though the athlete has not yet
was going at that time to tell you about his “interesting situation”.