Валентин Гафт готовится к выписке после операции на руке
The actor feels well and plans to go to the stage at the end of December.

Valentin Gaft

Valentin Gaft will soon take the stage of the theater “Contemporary”.
Now the artist is preparing to be discharged from the hospital after a successful
operations on the hand. Thus, according to the message kp.ru the actor is in the hospital
constantly. When he was through, he apologized that he could not speak, as it hurries toward the waiting car. Performance with its participation “Until there is a space”
will be held on December 29.

Recall, emergency surgery, and insisted doctors in
during routine inspection at the end of last week. “On the eve of we
rehearsed, — told the actor said Bugs, busy with Gaft in this
play. — Valentin Iosifovich, of course, knew that he had planned
examination, and was going to play a show at the appointed date. However, during the inspection it became clear that he needed immediate surgery, since there is
the possibility of infection”.

In recent months, Valentin I. repeatedly made
fans a cause for concern for his health. In early December
TV festival “song of the year” Joseph Kobzon said
what Valentin
Gaft is seriously ill. “Valentina Gaft and Oleg Tabakov seriously ill, and I want them and all who are exposed
diseases to wish a speedy recovery,” said the singer, without specifying what
it disease fighting actors.