Наставница Марии Максаковой умерла после тяжелой болезни Died the widow of the founder of the theater “New Opera” of Evgeny Kolobov, Natalia Popovich. As reported in the press service of the cultural institutions, choirmaster passed away after a battle with serious illness. Close to the last day was supported by Natalya Grigoryevna.
Наставница Марии Максаковой умерла после тяжелой болезни

March 30 at the age of 73 years has died the national actress of Russia, the chief choirmaster of the theatre “New Opera” Natalia Popovych. According to colleagues, the woman was suffering from a serious ailment. “She was seriously ill, but we hoped and believed in the best. God judged otherwise,” – said the press service of the cultural institutions.

Those who worked with Natalia Grigorievna, condolences to her family and friends.

“In 1991-2017 years Natalia G. Popovic was the chief choirmaster of the “New Opera”. In many respects, her efforts created an outstanding phenomenon of contemporary national performing arts — choir of “Novaya Opera”. He is considered a symbol of the theatre, an expression of his aesthetics and creative principles. It is impossible to overestimate the role of Natalia Grigorievna in the development of many singers; with their work and talent they multiply the glory of his native theatre and native country”, – noted in press service.
Наставница Марии Максаковой умерла после тяжелой болезни

As reported by Igor Kolobov-Tesla-in-law Natalia Grigorievna, she passed away at home surrounded by loved ones. Popovich will be buried next to her husband, conductor Yevgeny Kolobov, at the cemetery Vagankovsky.

Farewell to the man of culture will be held on April 11 to 13 hours in the theater “New Opera”. Colleagues of Natalia Grigorievna share memories about her on social media. Death Popovich called a heavy loss. “Talented, wise saw the potential and gave a start to many actors. Thank You for everything! I love and will always remember all that you have done!” – wrote a stage Director Alla Chepinoga.

Opera diva Maria Maksakova joined in the condolences to the relatives of Popovich. According to the singer, she has contributed to her development as a professional.

“Dear Natalie G., Thank you for everything. How many of you were given a ticket to life… I’m one of them. Communication with you was filled with light, talent, and music… Dear Martha, hang in there, my condolences. Condolences to all the family and friends,” shared Maria Maksakova on Facebook.

Natalia Popovych was born on 27 Feb 1945 in Leningrad. Her musical career she started in Sverdlovsk (now Yekaterinburg). Husband Popovich was the conductor Yevgeny Kolobov, the founder and artistic Director of the theater “New Opera”. The famous artist died in June 2003 of a heart attack. In relations with the Kolobov from Popovich, a daughter, Martha. In 2012, she married Igor Kolobov-Teslya.