Мама Надежды Сысоевой переживает за свадьбу дочери The woman is afraid to miss an important date. Nadezhda Sysoeva admitted that she has a very close and trusting relationship. Despite the fact that now the participant Comedy Woman living in Moscow, and the mother in Krasnoyarsk, they are constantly in touch.

In July 2016, it became known about the novel Director General of “Glavkino” Ilya Bachurin and member humorous show Comedy Woman of Hope Sysoeva. Despite the fact that the couple has been together for a long time until they say that planning a wedding. The actress admits that she has a close relationship with my mom, but she still checks what I write about her daughter in the press, fearing to miss important changes in the life of an heiress.

Ilya Bachurin said that with the Hope Sysoeva

“Actually I’m a lot like mom, and she’s my angel. Usually calls and such a small voice asks: “Daughter, how are you? Hi to all who are close to you.” Or: “Daughter, again wrote that you got married! You do me first?” – said Sysoev.

Lovers never tire of saying compliments to each other. Ilya admires the character traits of the chosen one – his captivating femininity, and also the fact that Nadia is not seeking to solve their own issues, leaving the man to decide and act. However, he respects her opinion and position, which she always defends. Bachurin has noticed that Sysoeva very purposeful – he likes it when a girl has their own aspirations in life and career. Now she dreams of a big movie. Participant Comedy Woman goes to auditions, trying on different roles, attend master classes of famous artists.

In turn, Nadia listens to the chosen one, who is well versed in the field of cinema. She did not hide the fact that she was initially unpleasant to hear criticism. Over time, however, Sysoeva realized that Ilya was providing an invaluable service – not flattering, and notices errors, on which it can work.

“Ilya producer, so for him it’s part of the profession: he will not beat around the Bush, just say it straight. At first, I reacted badly, but now I understand: it is a great happiness when a loved one is able to tell you the truth,” admitted the actress in an interview with Hello magazine.