Дана Борисова едва не лишилась волос The presenter made a serious mistake. Dana Borisova used the tool that caused serious harm to her hair and scalp. Now she has to undergo treatment.

Dana Borisova told subscribers that negligence caused serious harm. To her often come to stylists and makeup artists at home. Sometimes they give the star test to some funds. The presenter, take good care of your hair, choosing different treatments for them. However, the Borisova the incident happened. She reported the problem to his followers.

“We have experienced very difficult days, but life goes on, and with it my beauty adventures. Five consecutive days of shampooing to expensive professional shampoo that I forgot I have a home hairdresser, not even bothering to read what is written on it. Interested in only on the fifth day, when the scalp is incredibly itchy and red. Sentence master inala was terrible, the burn of the scalp. It turned out that washing my hair with chemical peeling. Now treat your skin and hair,” explained Dana.

Borisov is going through a difficult period. Celebrity continues to plead with her ex-husband for the right to regularly see his daughter. Dana gets tested for the content in the body of alcohol and drugs, and improves housing conditions, to prove that she can be trusted Pauline. It feels lonely without my daughter. Besides, the star hopes to meet his love. Borisov admits, that he did not live in the best conditions.

“I and the flat was changed, and all their things from eating out. I hate them! Everything is handed out, grabbed one hapless skillet and one Cup. These I use. And out of that apartment and the life I didn’t get anything, so naturally, I don’t what to go. Yes, I am in poverty and without a paycheck now. In 41 years…” – shared the star in one of TV programs.

Sometimes Dana is seriously concerned that the heavy dependence may return. “Been sober for 11 months. Ready to be tested for alcohol and drugs, to prove that clean. Honestly, I’m most afraid of failure for alcohol, drugs, forgotten the theme, there is no fear,” shared the star.