Mention about Ravshan Kurkova enraged Hope Sysoev

Упоминание про Равшану Куркову вывело из себя Надежду Сысоеву
Star Comedy Woman had had enough.

Nadezhda Sysoeva and Ilya Bachurin

Photo: @Instagram inadenka Hope Sysoeva

Nadezhda Sysoeva for a year to cope with a difficult task: all the while, she suffers the attacks of the haters about the affair with Ilia state planning Committee Bachurin. The current passion of the producer is constantly compared with his ex-common law wife — RAVENOL Kursovoy. Parting with her in may last year, Ilya almost immediately had an affair with Hope, which caused a flurry of disapproving comments in his address. Along with him were convicted and Sysoev, which detractors wrote in razluchnitsy and started after that hunt.

Until recently, she tried not to focus on criticism in the address. However, the patience of Hope, like any other person, has its limits…

The last straw for Sysoeva was the arrival of the festival “Kinotavr”. Almost one day with her and Ilya arrived in Sochi and Ravshan, representing there the picture of Anna Melikian “About Love. Adults only”. Of course, the appearance of the former and current passions Bachurina on the same events and the red carpet has attracted increased attention.

In the media and social networks began to analyze the images of Hope and Ravshan, but at the same time and to compare among themselves: they say who looked more impressive? Sysoeva, to learn that her compare again with RAVENOL, was furious. “I beg of you! What a primitive!? You can stop doing it? Stop trying to compare! Patience is exhausted!” — addressed to the haters star Comedy Woman.