49-year-old Olga Kabo admired figure in the swimsuit

49-летняя Ольга Кабо восхитила фигурой в купальнике
The actress shared her secret to a perfect tan.

Olga Kabo

Photo: @kabo_olga Instagram of Olga Kabo

Olga Kabo, taking with him his son — Victor, flew off to rest under the southern sun. And what’s a vacation without a beach photo shoot? In this spirit, the artist staged on the shore of an impromptu shoot in a swimsuit. Pictures of the actress once again has delighted her fans. Someone of the fans even compare Olga with a beautiful goddess emerged from the foam of the sea.

“What a stunning figure! Stunning,” “a White swimsuit is always a risk, but in this case absolutely justified!”, “Goddess! For so many years to keep in shape is worth it!” — written 49-year-old Olga.

Cabo, by the way, revealed the secret of how the pleasure seeking the perfect tan. It turns out that the actress for some time before the holiday definitely spends on drink a course of vitamins that increase the production of melanin.

“Even when there is no sun, it’s nice to just lie on the beach, listening to the sound of the surf and the cry of gulls… and in overcast weather you can sunbathe, with scattered light tan even better “sticks”. In may began to prepare the skin for the summer taking a preformed complex… So will return to Moscow this chocolate without compromising the condition of the skin!” — said Olga.