EXCLUSIVE! Maria Golubkina has unveiled new lover

ЭКСКЛЮЗИВ! Мария Голубкина рассекретила нового возлюбленного
The famous actress openly talked about his novel!

Boris Livanov and Maria Golubkina

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Maria Golubkina, personal life which to
the last years are shrouded in mystery, shared some great news. After her divorce from
Nikolay Fomenko in 2008 and mysterious novel with an astronaut, which she
stated later in the life of the actress had a truly cosmic love.
Maria admitted that she’s having an affair with the son of the actor Vasily Livanov Boris.

“You could say we know each other all their lives —
Golubkina told in interview to magazine “7 Days”. — And how could it be otherwise? Have
in my family three generations of actors, Bori four. He is the grandson of legendary actor
Boris Livanov and the son of people’s artist Vasily Livanov, who was friends with my
uncle Cyril Lascaris (half-brother of Andrei Mironov – approx.ed). When dad died
I was only 14 years old, and the father’s role took on just Cyril. How could I be
unfamiliar with the son of his closest friend? However, in childhood we with Boris are not friends
and little overlap: something always happens that I walk into the apartment, and
Bob comes out, or Vice versa. Really we just met in
the theatre Institute. It has only just arrived, and I studied the course over.
Saw it, came over and said, “Oh, Boris Livanov! Great! You come on, hold on.”
I wanted to encourage him. I know how hard it is for actor’s children to learn: the demand
more responsibility more… Bob was a handsome guy, I
I do not doubt that he has brilliant prospects that he will be a lifetime
Prince and lucky… And then we went our separate ways. Years passed: I got married
gave birth to Nastya and Vanya, Borya is also the daughter was born, then happened to him is known
heavy history (Boris Livanov was convicted of murder, although his family always
claimed that he is innocent – approx.ed.) And then we met at the new
living the revolution: free and is not that old. It all started with the communication on the social network
— Boris wrote me a “PM”. Remember, I was very happy and immediately told him.
We exchanged phone numbers and have long conversations. And once said
thirteen hours in a row!”

Exclusive interview with Maria Golubkina about
what happened next, and about the changes in her
life read soon in the magazine “7 Days”.