Men’s dress code of mourning

Мужской дресс-код траура A fire in the Kemerovo became a tragedy for the entire country. A terrible event brought people together, Woe to the inhabitants of this regional Siberian city became the personal trouble each.

Of course, replied and social networks, and the hashtag #Kemerovoskaya became the most popular. My page is also pulsed a total pain, but some comments were concerned about: “As you can in those days to go on the air in a white shirt?!” After this question bothered the tenth person, I turned to the expert on etiquette Tatyana Polyakova.

So the male dress code of mourning, understood in all languages: “the Suit is black, Navy blue or dark gray. Tie plain black or dark blue. Socks black or in the tone of the suit. Black shoes with laces. White shirt with stiff collar. Black is also acceptable, but white is the colour of purity and sincere intentions of sorrow.”

And Tatiana added that my way as President, flew to Kemerovo, broadcast support and respect.