The VIP ward and 500 thousand for delivery: ex-husband Buzovoy again will become a father

ВИП-палата и 500 тысяч за роды: экс-муж Бузовой снова станет отцом The birth of the second child will cost the player a tidy sum. Rumors that the beloved former wife of singer and TV presenter, appeared at the end of last year. Supposedly it is for this reason Dmitry Tarasov and Anastasia Kostenko played a quick wedding in January.

In his birthday, March 29, Anastasia has confirmed about the pregnancy, laying in Instagram touching the frame. A similar picture appeared on the page of Dmitry. The model contacted the photographer Darya Subbotina to arrange a shoot right on the eve of the 24th anniversary. The photoshoot took place in one of Moscow’s lofts.

“We are friends, know each other met at events and parties, planned to come up with something owls local, – shared with “StarHit” Daria. – And then she called, announced that she is pregnant and wants to turn a trick together with Dima. We booked the Studio for March 28. The guys are well prepared, have thought up the images – three of them, brought clothes to Work… was a pleasure. How they love each other! By the way, Nastya, unlike some pregnant women, not capricious and easily posed”.

“Funny thing: as a decoration we used pink balls and in the process realized that because of the color might think that the couple is expecting a girl. This is not so.”

Anastasia, who is now five months pregnant, plans to give birth in the clinical hospital “Lupino” in the suburbs. In this center were born children of Anna Khilkevich, Ksenia Sobchak, Albina dzhanabaeva and many other stars. It is known that to become a client of “Lapine” is expensive.

“The average price is 450 thousand rubles, – said the “StarHit” in the clinic. – The contract includes management of labor, laboratory tests, cardiotocography and ultrasound, anesthesia, consultation within six months and other options”.

Also the patient for three days provide a private room with renovated. Fed six times a day – red and white with steamed fish, lean meat, salads, cereals. And if the birth will make himself mark Kurtser, one of the best obstetricians in the country and Director of “Lapine”, the cost could rise to 1 million rubles. However, for eminent clients Kurtser often makes discounts.