Daughter of Mikhail Porechenkov came to Holland

Дочь Михаила Пореченкова переехала в Голландию The girl looked down in a foreign University. Varvara Porechenkova decided to stop his studies in Moscow, to go abroad. Now the heiress of the artist with the pleasure that attends, and does the job.
Дочь Михаила Пореченкова переехала в Голландию

After two years in the School-Studio of MKHAT, 20-year-old Varvara Porechenkova took the documents. The girl decided to improve their skills in Europe: “varechka entered the Rotterdam Erasmus University in the Netherlands, says “StarHit” her grandfather Eugene Roshal. Is a well known University. Very happy for her granddaughter, she’s talented!”

Porechenkov filed documents at the faculty of “Communication and media”. The girl was very nervous, but all the exams in the end passed successfully.

“Don’t be afraid to make your own decisions, to throw everything on the map and change the life, – she wrote on the social network. – Thank you to everyone who supported and believed in what I can do… I did it!”

For a short time, Barbara managed to find friends.

“Learn from us is not easy, – says the “StarHit” Sonia Shehovtsova, the classmate Porechenkova. The direction is aimed at self-study reading materials, outline, analyze. In groups, a lot of foreigners, but also Russian guys, stick together”.
Дочь Михаила Пореченкова переехала в Голландию

The illegitimate son Porechenkov, Vladimir, on the contrary, were torn from their native Tallinn to Moscow. He was going to find a job here and move his family – his beloved Julia and daughter Miloslava. The pair were not easy to get a temporary residence permit. Son of Michael Porechenkova postpone the wedding because of problems with documents

“He wants to celebrate a wedding in Moscow, this is not surprising because all of his relatives there. Otgulyaem celebration, and then plan to stay for a few years. But the Estonian authorities have not issued Vova permission for temporary residence in Russia. And without it it is impossible to find a job, to give Miloslava in kindergarten. And the local authorities that the quota is over, it is still kind of a problem… We are on your example, I was convinced that all the jokes about the slowness of this people true. Waiting for the end of August and I really hope that this time we’ll get the paperwork”.