Мелани Гриффит в восторге от Криса Мартина

Novel actress Dakota Johnson and soloist Coldplay’s Chris Martin is developing rapidly. Johnson and Martin consider to be the most secretive pair. While they are struggling to hide their relationship, mother of Dakota, Melanie Griffith, expressed his opinion about the new boyfriend of his daughter.

Мелани Гриффит в восторге от Криса Мартина

Speaking at the Breakfast organization’s Global Gift Foundation USA, Melanie mentioned the boyfriend of his daughter: “I love it! But she’s guarded about his private life and I respect that.”

Earlier, the father of the actress spoke about the boyfriend of his daughter. Journalists of the newspaper The Sun managed to find the impression of the don from their Chris first met. According to him, Chris is a talented man, and his priority to make her happy.

“He’s a great guy. In any case, each of us wants their children to be happy, no matter how it happens. Chris is a talented musician. I saw them in concert in a small club “the Troubadour” in Los Angeles, my daughter glowed with happiness,” said don Johnson told reporters.

Recently, musician and actress was captured by paparazzi in one of the restaurants in Malibu for a romantic date. Confirmation of romantic intentions was the fact that the stars arrived at the institution on the same machine. They had been in the restaurant a couple of hours, enjoying each other’s company and dishes from the menu. After that, the pair left the school and drove away in an unknown direction.

Rumors about a romantic relationship between a performer and an actress appeared in November 2017. Them a couple of times spotted together, but it could not confirm their romance. A couple of days before new year Dakota and Chris noticed at the airport of Charles de Gaulle in Paris, which confirms their relationship. According to the insiders, the lovers spent a few days in the capital. The town they left together, and carefully concealed from photographers.

According to some, in the airport they got on the same car, but got out of it individually.

For the first time about the possibility of their relationship began in October, when a couple noticed at a dinner in Los Angeles. In November, Johnson was spotted at the Coldplay concert in Argentina. It turned out that it was not a simple visit to the concert a fan of. Before the advent of the stars of “Fifty shades of grey” and the frontman for Coldplay in Paris insiders have confirmed their romance.

“They’re definitely together. Chris sends Dakota their music, to learn its opinion. This is more than a casual affair. His friends have come to love her and see that she makes him happy,” says a source close to the musician.