Грабитель особняка Рианны остался в нем на ночь

While Rihanna was in new York for the Met Gala, in Los Angeles robbed her mansion in the Hollywood hills. 26-year-old offender was not a professional, because after the robbery, decided not to run away with valuables, and left to spend the night.

Грабитель особняка Рианны остался в нем на ночь

According to reports of the representative of the police Department of Los Angeles to TMZ, the burglar broke into the mansion, broke the front door lock and damaged the alarm system. After collecting valuables, instead of leaving the scene of the crime, the perpetrator may be, could not resist the luxury home of Rihanna. He decided to stay the night, which was a big mistake. The next morning when you exit the mansion he noticed the neighbors Rihanna, who immediately called the police. The culprit was caught and arrested.

House in West Hollywood, near sunset Boulevard, Rihanna purchased for 6.8 million dollars in August last year. Territory possessions Rihanna is almost 1672 square meters, and the area of the mansion is 670 square meters. The house has 6 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, one of which resembles a SPA, a cinema, a games room with Billiards and a gym with everything you need. The property features a pool with Jacuzzi and Parking for 8 cars. It is a pity that all this is not supplied adequate security.

A series of terrible events stalking Rihanna. Now robbery, and earlier cousin of the singer of Aliena shot on the island of Barbados. According to star, she could feel the approaching trouble. “I really embraced the cousin the night before his death, I don’t know why. And after all that now I embrace all as if doing it for the last time. This is probably my biggest life lesson. Not to wait even until tomorrow. Tomorrow, in my opinion, it’s too late,” said Rihanna.

21-year-old Tawon Casin Elaine, was shot last night and died on the streets of Barbados. The incident occurred in the area of St. Michael’s at 7 PM. Tawon faced man, whose identity trying to establish law enforcement agencies, and received several gunshot wounds. The guy was rushed to the hospital, where he provided medical care, but the injuries were too serious, and the day after Christmas Tawon died.

“Rest in peace, my cousin… can’t believe last night was holding you in my arms! Even could not imagine that this is the last time I feel your heat!!! Love you,” says the shocked Rihanna in her instagram.

“Didn’t think the day will come when I will have to bury you, my love!!! It was our first Christmas. Together we cleaned, decorated the house, prepared!! Tawon, I know, you are daily trying to become the best version of yourself!! I love you so much…” — wrote in the social network the girl Tawana Tenella.