Елена Воробей заговорила о проблемах больной дочери The Joker showed a terrible picture. Elena Sparrow said that in Russia, Sofia was given the wrong diagnosis, although the roentgen has been notable changes in the shape of the spine. Now the girl is improved.
Елена Воробей заговорила о проблемах больной дочери

A few weeks ago Elena Sparrow told fans about a family tragedy. As it turned out, her daughter Sofia has been operated in one of clinics of Germany. 15-year-old girl had long complained of pain in the back, but the Russian doctors diagnosed scoliosis, noting that the worry about this is not worth it.

Recently, the frustrated Sparrow posted an x-ray, which to the naked eye visible deformity of the spine.

“My dear! Judge for yourself: here is the back we were not given exemption from physical education and said I think the problem there is that the scoliosis is minimal and there is nothing to distract the doctors for nothing. We just want to such cases as much as possible, to the doctors correctly diagnosed, the parents were careful that children didn’t think this would go away and was silent until the moment when the pain will be unbearable” – shared Elena.

Judging from the picture, the situation really was critical. Curvature of the spine had caused the girl great discomfort. According to Sparrow, Sophia couldn’t sleep, it hurt her to breathe and to lie on his back.

The result of the operation the patient was put some metal wires in the spine. Elena hopes that she will continue to improve and soon she will be able to return to normal life.

However, Sparrow is not going to be silent about the negligence of doctors. Star sure if she believed the words of local experts and not be gone with the child to Germany, Sofia could be disabled.

“Yes, we now have a difficult period in my life, but I’m there for my child, we are serious, professional doctors, and I’ll be there with my daughter as much time as you need. Every day we tell each other are important and necessary words of encouragement and words of love! And this is our strength,” – said a Sparrow on Instagram.

Due to the sudden problems the artist had to cancel several performances. However, she admitted that he is not worried about it. According to Sparrow, for it is now of importance only the health of Sofia. In Germany also came numerous the girl’s relatives, including grandfather, who recently turned 70 years old.

Fans Elena was horrified by the incompetence of doctors, because in the picture there is considerable curvature of the spine. “We are in a small town with doctors a General problem. Very few of them, and those that are not skilled enough”, “How can you not notice or ignore such distortion? Just awful”, “I Wish your lovely daughter a speedy recovery,” wrote fans a Sparrow.

Members of umoristi hope that a black strip in her life will end soon. They do not get tired to maintain the kind words Elena, wanting her whole family perfect health.