Meladze prohibits soloists MBAND fat

Меладзе запрещает солистам MBAND толстеть

Group MBAND become guests online show “OK!” and told about the conditions of the contract.

Members of the group Artem Pindyura, Anatoly Tsoy, Nikita Kiosse answered questions from users of the social network “Classmates”: he remembered his high school nickname, I speculate about how friends and how at concerts they threw potatoes, as well as how they work with the famous producer.

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In show business about Konstantin Meladze spoken of as a talented but difficult man. They say, work hard, the producer is very demanding. But the soloists MBAND claim that Constantine believes in them more than they, calls the best and never sleeps that this profession is not surprising.

And the guys were very harsh a contract. I think it’s only girls need to watch themselves and not allow the body to relax? Men befalls the same fate!

“Yes, we can’t lose weight and put on more than 5 pounds. Well, it’s logical,” – said Tolya.

However, Nikita Kiosse this rule has been neglected. “I actually willfully broke the contract, because I’ve put on 10 pounds, but rose by 15 cm during the two years. I was 16, now 18” – shared the singer.

Well, at this age you can not afford to eat too much, but the later guys will have to work daily on ourselves. Girls of course love the ears, but he’s right, show business needs a strong, strong guys, which want to watch.

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