Brad pitt admitted that he really needs support

Брэд Питт признался, что ему очень нужна поддержка
The actor for the first time since the scandalous divorce appeared on the red carpet with Marion Cotillard.

Брэд Питт признался, что ему очень нужна поддержка

Brad pitt and Marion Cotillard


Just a few hours after brad pitt were officially cleared of committing violence against their children, the actor appeared at the premiere of his film “Allies” in Los Angeles. Yes not one, and with Marion Cotillard, the same French actress with whom it, according to gossip, in touch not only a partnership in the movie. The appearance of pitt caused a storm of delight from the assembled fans. People tried hard to Express to your pet the support and love. Brad, in turn, did not hide the fact that he is now more important than ever to know that his love and support. And ten minutes took pictures, took selfies and gave autographs, repeating, as he is pleased. The question of how he feels, brad answered that lasts and all is well.

It is obvious that the majority of the public is on the side of pitt, not Angelina Jolie. Especially due to the fact that she was going to take away his children. Another thing is that insider information about the agreement that was signed recently that pitt will be able to communicate with children only with the permission of their mother and in the presence of a child psychologist, not exactly true. Sources claim that this is just a temporary contract, signing of which pitt went for the children and avoid an even greater scandal. In fact, the whole battle for joint custody of the children yet to come.

Interestingly, Marion Cotillard, pregnant with her second child with her common law husband, Guillaume Canet, is clearly not holding a grudge against your partner for the drama “Allies,” where pitt plays a professional scout, and the heroine Marion becomes a spy because of the circumstances, and they passionately love each other. Although she had sternly and firmly respond to gossip about his alleged affair with a married actor, being involved in a very controversial history associated with his divorce.

Perhaps this publication, showing the love and support of the public, will encourage all the image-makers of the actor and the producer to change its recommendations, which were: not to give any interviews and not appearing on many talk shows as part of a promotional campaign of this film. Especially considering that the picture is by all appearances needs to get into the “Oscar” nominations, pitt has long dreamed of a well-deserved prize of the American Academy.

Brad pitt and Marion Cotillard in the movie “the Allies”

Photo: Outnow