Charlize Theron talks about age discrimination in Hollywood

Шарлиз Терон говорит о возрастной дискриминации в Голливуде

In recent years the topic of discrimination is discussed most often. Many women from Hollywood have repeatedly stated that the same employment conditions as men, their fee for the same project are significantly less than the representatives of a strong half.

Touched on the topic of discrimination and age. The artists claimed, the older they become, the less roles offered to them. Thus if you are able to get a place in a new project, most often it is the role of an elderly parent or inadequate distant relative.

To debunk these myths and refute the words of their colleagues come from Charlize Theron.

Charming star says that her colleagues in the face of Meryl Streep and Julianne Moore, exaggerating when he talks about age discrimination: “At 41 I’m working a lot more than 20 years ago and with the best benefits. All the women I know say the same thing. So it’s time to debunk a popular myth.“

Charlie says that aging is a natural process that is just silly to be afraid of and try to avoid. It’s better to take out their years with dignity and respect: “How can I be afraid of something so natural? Aging is part of our life, we can’t avoid it. Part of me sincerely grateful for everything that has happened since then, as I began to grow old, because now I’m a lot wiser than 20 years ago. Compared to this wrinkle – nothing.“