Меган Маркл «обезвредила» бывшую подружку принца Гарри
The Prince’s bride got rid of rivals.

Меган Маркл «обезвредила» бывшую подружку принца Гарри

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Photo: @kensingtonroyal Instagram

36-year-old Meghan Markle, who very soon, in three weeks, will be the legal wife of Prince Harry
impressed fans with his foresight. She “rubbed” her
a potential competitor to exclude the possibility of resumption
Roman “rivals” with Harry.

Prince Harry and Chelsea Davy

Photo: Splash News/East news

We are talking about a 32-year-old Chelsea Davy, on which the Prince, at the time, wanted to get married. They dated for 7 years, and that Davey was the official companion Harry at the wedding of Prince William and Catherine. And although the charming Chelsea for a long time not together, they, nevertheless, continue to maintain contact. According to friends of the Prince, perhaps, deep down, he retained feelings for Davey. Despite the fact that the Prince and Chelsea broke up in 2011, they, from time to time, see each other — after all, both revolve in the British high society and often “intersect” at various events. Moreover, as recently stated by Davey, she intends to keep the friendship with Harry forever.

And now, to this friendship escalated into something more again, Markle made a wise decision to eliminate Chelsea, as possible (of course, in the future) rival. Megan introduced her to one of his friends — a television producer James Marshall, who was married to her friend — Elettra Rossellini, daughter of actress Isabella Rossellini. And her plan was a success. As it turned out recently, Chelsea was fond of James and they started Dating. And it was confirmed by photographs taken on the days the paparazzi managed to photograph a sweet couple kissing.

So now Megan can be relatively calm. But how Davey really has lost his interest in Harry, Macrel will be able to test in the near future – because the Prince has invited Chelsea to his wedding with Megan!