Стас Садальский унизил звезд шоу-бизнеса The actor said about the lack of talented artists on the stage. Also Stas Sadalsky said that there is no interesting and parodists. Your post in the social network, he accompanied a photo on the background of a portrait of Maxim Galkin.
Стас Садальский унизил звезд шоу-бизнеса

Stas Sadalsky is famous for his harsh statements. The actor does not hesitate to share your opinions about the most pressing issues. This time he became interested in problems of modern show business. In the opinion of men, are now pop music is going through a serious crisis due to the lack of truly talented stars. This problem is accompanied by the disappearance of standing mimics.

“What we feed modern parodists, of whom so enthusiastically copy? Schizophrenics and alcoholics from the Duma? The best exhibits of the Russian pop music? Yes, these themselves have long forgotten their voices, our pop music is now, as a military cemetery that no star, then plywood.And it’s not that the current humor “caved in under the changeable world”, it’s just their level, basement. Really great they are afraid to touch the guts, you know that we are not worthy, ” said the man.

Of particular interest to fans was the fact that Sadalsky photographed against the backdrop of posters of Maxim Galkin. According to fans, so the actor once again hinted at his dismissive attitude towards the famous parodist.

Some fans of Stas supported him, noting that Russian pop music is really going through hard times. However, there were also those who defended the stars. “Yes, good parodies really becoming less and less”, “Galkin was a good parody before, and now meet”, “I Agree with you, the best parodist of all time is Irakliy Andronnikov” – opinions of fans of the artist.

Earlier Sadalsky has posted another post dedicated to Maxim Galkin. In it, he noted that the ratings of programs with the participation of the presenter is reduced.

“Well, what to say to that…, it is necessary to improve and old antics and Bouncing will not take place. In the old days the actors said, “Oh, and give the same candle on the phrase” that is so will jump that the whole audience gasp! Here G jumps jumps, and Malakhov to him, as to the Kremlin stars does not jump”, – Sadalsky wrote on Instagram.

Maxim Galkin prefers not to comment on the words of the actor. By the way, he himself recently noted the problems that arise in modern parody. In his opinion, show business is not rich in striking personalities that you can devote the room. The presenter said that only Olga Buzova with her charisma and popularity can be a great hero for parody.