Наталья Рудова посмеялась над своей располневшей фигурой
The actress is not shy to show weight.

Наталья Рудова посмеялась над своей располневшей фигурой

Natalia Rudova (2013)

Photo: @rudovanata Instagram Natalia Employment

Natalia Rudova every day pleases its users candid shots. The actress several times a week, visits the gym, where “sweating” on the creation of the perfect figure. Now Natalie is in excellent shape. However, it was not always so. There was a time when the actress was slightly larger. The funny thing about their pre-existing extra pounds Rudova reminded herself. She has published in social networks a picture where he was depicted in the “plump”.

“I love Facebook for reminders. This photo was taken five years ago. Plump Rudova”, — has signed a frame Natalya. The actress, obviously a little exaggerated. A girl posing for pictures in the yellow bikini can hardly be called “plump”. However, the difference between the old forms and the current is still visible.

Natalia Rudova

Here that Natalia had previously talked about his weight loss: “My comfortable weight — 53 kg, but I gained 10 kg due to the fact that they sat on the hormonal contraceptives. After that I could not lose weight. Once I saw myself in the scene and realized that one more year and I’ll be playing older women. I did not help — even the refusal to eat after 6…” by giving up meat, dairy products and sweets, Employment managed to find the right diet. Then she “made friends” with the sport. Gradually, she managed to lose weight. Curiously, many fans are sure that Natalia “overdone” and began to look painful. By the way, the actress is quite sensitive to such remarks.