Меган Маркл довела принца Гарри до слез
The Royal wedding was an embarrassment.

Меган Маркл довела принца Гарри до слез

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Photo: Social networks

Wedding Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will long remain in the memory of the British and the pair of fans from around the world. The celebration was Grand in scale and, as often happens, not without embarrassment. Prince Harry, despite the tempering of service in the army, couldn’t keep it together during the ceremony and cried…

Even before the Cathedral St. George’s Chapel came Megan it was clear that Harry very nervous. It is often about something talked with his brother and could not bear to sit still. When he saw a beautiful Markle in a luxurious dress with a long train, and began to control emotions. During the service the groom slightly shaking hands, he often corrected his beard, and at some point, even allowed men a tear. This point came to the recording of the live broadcast of the wedding of Megan and Prince Harry.

Meghan Markle was the lawful wife of Prince Harry!

Don’t keep emotions and Megan’s mother Doria. The relatives of Prince Harry was restrained: Prince William was focused, and Elizabeth II looked a little sad. Perhaps the Queen is not feeling too well.

The bride, by the way, looked much more confident than Prince Harry. Markle, but rather the Duchess of Sussex (the title of her today awarded the Queen Elizabeth II), was very happy and passed many hours of the wedding ceremony.