Бывшая жена Дмитрия Пескова шокировала сменой имиджа
Catherine decided on a radical change.

Ekaterina Peskova

Photo: @Instagram zazerkatye Catherine Sand

Spring — a time of change… the Ex-wife of Dmitry Peskov before decided on a radical change of image. Catherine, who lives in France, published in his personal blog the results of the recent transformation: she had extremely short hair.

The Catherine was the “bomb” in social networks. A few of the fairer sex, but rather, the unit could decide on such an experiment with hair. Commenting on his decision, the ex-wife Peskov, at the same time laughed at the image of her ex-husband. “You can not only shave off a moustache! Freaky Friday,” wrote Catherine. Mother of three children of Dmitri Sergeyevich not going through due to the lack of lush hair on his head. She knows: hair is not your teeth — grow back! This is what Catherine had in mind when I made the decision about the change of style.

By the way, the hairstyle of Catherine alerted some of her friends. Many wondered whether the haircut with possible health problems. “All right!” — soothes followers Catherine, and they write in response to her compliments.

Recall that the Sands had divorced Catherine in 2012. Now he is married to Tatiana Navka, with whom he has a daughter Hope. Tatiana, by the way, is now also located in France. On the day she arrived on the Cote d’azur in order to attend an important event at the Cannes film festival.