Оскар Кучера прокомментировал беременность Леры Кудрявцевой
The presenter spoke about the “situation” of a friend.

Lera Kudryavtseva and Oskar Kuchera

Photo: Social networks

Not so long ago, Lera Kudryavtseva no longer hide that will soon become a mother for the second time. The presenter today marks 47 years. On the day of his birth she received a huge number of pleasant surprises from their loved ones. Of course, Leroux congratulated not only family members but also friends, colleagues…

One of the first Leroux congratulated ex-boyfriend — Sergey Lazarev: he published for her touching message on the Network. Personal wishes he sounded on the phone, and in the microblogging posted with compliments to the birthday girl. “Beautiful, smart, talented, sexy, kind, vulnerable from Lera! Happy birthday! Be happy! Love, appreciate! And the rest in a personal conversation…” — wrote Sergey.

But Oskar Kuchera in his congratulatory message for the first time mentioned the “interesting position”, which is now his colleague. “My dearest friend, my beloved partner, friend and just “krasavica”! I heartily congratulate you happy birthday! Be happy, loved and endlessly popular! You of all people deserve it! And, of course, your World you to wear yourself — to be!” the message reads Kucera.

Recall that recently became aware of the fact that Leroy is preparing for a double completion. In the near future she will become a mother and grandmother at the same time: her beloved adult son of Jean waiting for her son.