Megan Fox is afraid that they are no longer able to have children

Меган Фокс боится, что не сможет больше иметь детей
The actress told how back in shape after childbirth.

Меган Фокс боится, что не сможет больше иметь детей

Megan Fox with her husband and children


Megan Fox never hid that loves to work with children. Have
she’s three, she would not mind to top up another part of his family.
However, as the actress confessed recently that she seriously doubts that she will be able
to do it. “I don’t think I can take another pregnancy, and then another, and
childbirth. Sometimes I do this
feeling like my body is bonded with something like “chewing gum” or masking tape
otherwise it would have just fell apart…” — admitted the actress
the birth of all three children did not come easy. All three times the birth was very
heavy. And when the actress asked what memories she had left from
the appearance of her beloved sons to light. She says very briefly: “It was
just horrific!”

However, Megan is happy that in her house older boys. Between
by the way, Junior — Journey, who is now a year and a half, it needs to be
be grateful for what he unwittingly helped to save her family the fact that
about a year before the birth of a baby, his parents Megan and her husband Brian Austin green — started
the process of divorce. They decided to do this after 10 years of marriage and were, the harm would be configured
irreconcilable. But at some point there was how to put green — “the incident”.
The couple spent the night together — and Fox managed to get pregnant! And when they
discovered that she was pregnant with their child, Megan and Brian looked thoughtful — and whether they
to get a divorce? In the end they made up, cancelled the divorce, and since then, it seems, quite happy

As told to Fox, her sons are very different. If the younger – the good and the
quiet, two older — 5-year-old Noah and 3-year-old Bodhi is frisky and playful. “They are all the time
strive to fight. And only think about “weapons”, and they can become almost
any object, including a regular plug. So for them all the time
to make sure that they don’t accidentally kill each other…”

“Junior Journey I breast-fed for more than a year. And all this time I don’t
could full force in the gym. So I replaced working on
the gym walking in the mountains and swimming. And gradually returned to prenatal
form. However, now I’m back in the gym!” – said the actress who
rightly proud of her figure.

Megan Fox