Rita Dakota first told about the problems during pregnancy

Рита Дакота впервые рассказала о проблемах во время беременности
The singer is trying to treat everything positively.

Photo: Instagram

Throughout the nine months Rita Dakota smote all the fans that her pregnancy is perfect. Some girls singer has even begun to irritate the fact that she is so positive. Only now, after the birth of little MIA, the star decided to tell me that everything was not as rosy as it seemed.

“Shortly before giving birth, I wrote a post about what space this pregnancy, says Dakota. And in reviews was hundreds of angry young mothers who “burned me at the stake” for such rudeness. They say that their pregnancy is not space, but a hellish Inferno. That the stomach is heavy, feet are swollen, heartburn does not sleep, sick of all, sick of, and especially much annoying I’m with her “space”. The vast majority complained, complained, whined, pitied herself and scolded “lucky” me for what I have wrong as hell. But that’s the difference between me and them only in one thing — perception. I had hellish heartburn, and the joints of the hands are swollen and hurt so that I’m 8 months not even wear a wedding ring (not passed so far). And back ached so that on the wedding of friends, in the plane and even in the cinema I went for 10 minutes in the aisle on the floor to lie down on a hard surface. And spider veins burst across his face and neck, cellulite, and climbed even on the inside of the thigh, and in the last days I was so swollen that he could not on his feet to pull even socks, not that sneakers. And very to the guys “hell”, if you think your categories. Yes, but it’s my space does not interfere. I took every day of pregnancy as a miracle, enjoy every moment of this heartburn, every inch of this painful back because of all these “hell of Hells” hastening the day of meeting my little miracle”