Мэг Райан заподозрили в анорексии
The actress is fast catching up angelina Jolie for the thinness.

Мэг Райан заподозрили в анорексии

Meg Ryan

Photo: Splash News/East news

Meg Ryan is seriously concerned for the health of the actress. The fact that
last photo taken by the paparazzi, she looks skinny and pale. Friend
Meg think her condition is due to the fact,
she still can’t recover after the collapse of her last novel —
with rocker John Mellencamp. Although he left Ryan at the end of last year,
her heart wound won’t heal…

Meg and John
started Dating back in 2010. However, the first time they avoided to appear
together in public, as Mellencamp was married. They made their affair official
the status only at the beginning of 2011, when John announced that he had decided to leave
wife Elaine Irwin, with whom he lived together for 20 years. Then gossip
claimed that Ryan destroyed the family home of John that it was because of her he
left his wife.

Ryan and
Mellencamp lived together for almost five years. Of course, they happened and they seem
but John every time he returned to Meg. The actress has already started to build
matrimonial plans, as suddenly John announced that all was over between them: he fell in love
in another and goes to her. Most offensive in this story Ryan it seemed that, although
her fortunate rival, actress and model Christie Brinkley age, and the older it
most, and by as much as 6 years. But it looks, according to many, better than Meg…

said one friend of the actress the reporter of the newspaper “Star”, from that day, as John walked away from Ryan, the actress lost sleep and appetite.
Every time she starts to cry when he sees in the press a new picture of her ex
beloved close with a happy opponent. As a result of nervous stress Meg
greatly emaciated. As you say, her weight is approaching 40 pounds, and
the actress has already began to suspect anorexia…

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