Равшана Куркова показала стройную фигуру в бикини The actress went to the Seychelles. There Ravshan actively sunning and running. In his microblog Kurkova has already published a few photos in a bikini, which led to the delight of her fans. According to them, the figure of the celebrity is almost perfect. Some of them admitted that envy star envy.

      Равшана Куркова показала стройную фигуру в бикини

      35-year-old actress Ravshan Kurkova is currently in the Seychelles, where not only sunbathe and swim, but shooting for the catalog of one brand of swimwear. Recently he has published in his Instagram photos from a tropical Paradise, which caused a huge excitement among fans of the stars. So, one of them you can see how Kurkova rides a rope. To the picture star added hashtags “Trip of dreams” and “Mowgli”.

      Subscribers Kurkovas compared it with “king of the jungle” Tarzan and admired the slim figure of the actress. “Female string”, “envy”, “you are so beautiful, subtle, sonorous”, “Monkey”, “Wand”, “Temptress”, “vine to vine”, “Tarzan”, “How can you be so beautiful?”, “I would kind of figure,” “When you all have time? Look very good,” wrote fans of Ravshan in the comments to the publication.

      Равшана Куркова показала стройную фигуру в бикини

      By the way, except Ravshan in the Seychelles is now a starship troopers. Celebrities take part in the advertising campaign of the same brand, which cooperates with Kurkova. Among them were seen Polina Askeri, Elena Temnikova, Elena Volatile, Daria Malygina and Angelica Timonina. “Our route Abu Dhabi — Seychelles. With Helen Temnikova slept a couple of hours, but look like a morning rose!”, — wrote in his microblog Volatile.

      Temnikova, in turn, has told that is very glad to be on a tropical island. “Hi, my Seychelles. I promised to return. Came back,” — shared the singer with fans in Instagram. And according to Daria Malygina, now there are about 38 degrees Celsius. But this, of course, is unlikely to interfere with the girls to enjoy life and to be photographed in a bikini to the delight of fans.

      Равшана Куркова показала стройную фигуру в бикини

      We will remind that in may of this year it became known that ravshana Kurkova broke up with the CEO of Glavkino” Ilya state planning Committee Bachurin. They were together for about 3.5 years. The actress refused to tell the journalists about the reasons for the severance of his relationship with Ilya. After the producer went with RAVENOL, he started Dating an actress from Comedy Woman Nadezhda Sysoeva. They together saw in the night session of the film “Goodfellas.” According to the employee of the cinema, the couple was active signs of attention to each other. Besides, the lovers were kissing.

      Ex-boyfriend Ravshan Kursovoy had an affair with star Comedy Woman

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