Юлия Михалкова оценила работу Татьяну Навку
The star of “Ural dumplings” visited the show “Carmen”.

Юлия Михалкова оценила работу Татьяну Навку

Tatiana Navka and Mikhalkov Julia

Photo: @mihalkova Instagram Yulia Mikhalkova

Yulia Mikhalkov, who is now in Sochi, visited
on the show with Tatiana Navka — “Carmen”, which is already not the first year of collecting
sold out at all performances. His impressions star “Ural
dumplings” shared with subscribers in the microblog.

Photo: @mihalkova Instagram Yulia Mikhalkova

“It’s impressive. Our favorite skaters, our pride every day give all visitors to Sochi story. So cool that vacationers have the opportunity to not only have a great time on the beach, but also to enjoy the skill and art of our athletes. Tatiana Navka,Roman Kostomarov, Alexei Yagudin, Tatiana Totmianina, Alexei Tikhonov, Maria Petrova — all the star names and do not count, you all know them well. We also do not deny yourself the pleasure to see this amazing show truly global scale. It’s nice that a lot of talented and creative people gather in the summer in Sochi and gives a feast to all comers. If you’re in Sochi, be sure to go to Carmen and you will not regret it. I’m sure that like me you come on this show twice or even three times!” — said Mikhalkov.

Recall that the premiere of the second season of the show took place in June. Navka will stay in Sochi all summer, so my little daughter, Nadia, skater brought along with him. The girl in this “business trip” and my mom went only benefit. Recently, Tatiana has published a video that captured the first successes Nadi in swimming.

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