СМИ обсуждают известие о родах Юлии Савичевой According to some reports, the actress became a mother. Within a few months the singer and her spouse Alexander Arshinov located in Portugal. Representatives of the singer are trying to get away from the conversation on the topic of her pregnancy, and friends don’t give reviews.

      Ex-participant of “factory of stars” Julia Savicheva and her husband Alexander Arshinov live in Portugal. According to the singer, she successfully works in there recording new tracks, but the fans seriously excited that their favorite is rarely in touch with them. According to some publications that cite the grandmother star, Ludmila, Savicheva gave birth to a child, therefore, is on an extended vacation abroad.

      “StarHit” contacted representatives of the actress to find out why Savicheva so rarely get in touch with the fans. They confirmed that the singer lives abroad.

      “Julia is on vacation. Information about the birth of the child – it’s a duck. It is really not in Russia, but no one gave birth,” – said in the entourage of the singer.

      Many friends and acquaintances Savicheva reluctant to discuss her alleged interesting position and birth. The representative of the Shura, who is familiar with the artist, noted that it has nothing to report. “On this subject do not give comments”, – said the man. Probably soon Savicheva’ll be in touch with the audience, or someone from her inner circle will tell in detail about the new addition to the family Julia.

      Recall that in January of this year, the artist producer Maxim Fadeev promised the fans that soon the singer will be pleased with their new compositions. “Now she devoted herself to writing a new album and family! Soon you will hear and see,” – said the composer on the page in a social network.

      Savicheva also tried to reassure fans by sharing their emotions. “Since the end of a huge tour, I was deeply immersed in the work – almost all of that time I spend in the Studio: write, write, write. Then I listen to the silence, breathe the air, think and write again. No end, no edges are seen. And you know, it’s just perfect! But I know that such a luxury of calm creation can not be long. So don’t judge me harshly for my absence,” said the ex-participant of “factory of stars”.

      Julia Savicheva happy marriage with Arshinova. They live in Portugal where the artist really like the atmosphere and the weather. Recently, the star celebrated its 30th anniversary. Fans congratulated the idol with the anniversary in the social networks and wrote that look forward to her triumphant return to the stage. “You don’t have enough in our lives”, “Missing”, “it is waiting for you with new forces on the scene,” admitted followers.