Актриса Светлана Карпинская умерла после продолжительной болезни The star of Eldar Ryazanov’s movie “Girl with no address” died in the cultural capital. The sad news was announced by the representatives of the St. Petersburg Comedy theatre Akimov. Relatives and friends of Svetlana Karpinskaya accept condolences.

      Актриса Светлана Карпинская умерла после продолжительной болезни

      Media reported that in St. Petersburg, died people’s artist of Russia Svetlana Karpinskaya. The actress has died on 80-m to year of life. This information to the correspondents of several publications confirmed in the Comedy Theatre of name Akimova, where he worked as Svetlana. According to interlocutors of journalists, Karpinskaya has long suffered from the disease.

      Svetlana Karpinskaya was born 16 September 1937 in Leningrad. The mother and father of the future stars of theatre and cinema were history teachers. Svetlana’s father fought at the front and was wounded, and her mother worked as a school Director in the evacuation.

      After high school, Karpinskaya, entered the philological faculty of Leningrad state University, selecting the Department of Russian language and literature.

      In 1957 an event occurred that completely changed the life of young girls. Not having an acting education, she successfully passed the audition and starred in the film of Eldar Ryazanov’s “Girl with no address”. After the premiere of the film Karpinskaya became a star of Soviet cinema, and it was received the second course of the Leningrad state Institute of theatre, music and cinema. Svetlana studied in the class of the famous Professor Boris Area, honored artist of the RSFSR.

      Актриса Светлана Карпинская умерла после продолжительной болезни

      Eldar Ryazanov invited the charismatic actress in the Comedy “Beware of the car”. However, after several trials it turned out that the girl is not suited for the role of the protagonist. So paired with innocent Smoktunovsky starred by Olga Aroseva.

      Since 1963, Svetlana Karpinskaya worked at the Leningrad theatre of Comedy named after Akimov. The actress played the main roles in such plays as “the Shadow”, “12 night”, “the Blue sky, and clouds”, “the importance of being earnest” “Not all cat Shrovetide” and “Retro”.

      In my entire career, Svetlana starred in about twenty movies, including “Business”, “long Long”, “Sweet woman”, “Missing among the living”, “Donkey skin”, “And then came the Bumba…” and many others. In 1992 he released the last film with the actress, who has been called the “Third double”. In the film directed by Leo Tsutsulkovsky also played Vyacheslav Zakharov, Dateshidze, Kirill and Nikolay Astapov.

      Place and time of farewell and funeral of Svetlana Karpinskaya will be determined on Monday, 20 February, reports TASS.