Bassist Garik Sukachev “untouchables” died of cancer

Басист группы Гарика Сукачева «Неприкасаемые» скончался от рака Alexey Ostashev, has long worked with the famous musician, died after a long battle with cancer. Relatives of the men can’t believe what happened. Ostashev passed away at the age of 55 years.

      Басист группы Гарика Сукачева «Неприкасаемые» скончался от рака

      Became aware of the fact that he died a famous bassist “untouchable” Alexey Ostashev. The man died on 56-m to year of life. The message of his death appeared on the official pages Garik Sukachev in social networks.

      Relatives and friends Ostasheva accept condolences. “Kingdom of heaven”, “Sad”, “God cry”, “Oh, how bitter”, “Thinning the ranks”, “Bright was a man”, “Oh, Alex”, “Wonderful guy is gone”, “Without words”, “Very early” – discussing social media users. The musician died of cancer.

      “19 Feb 2017 was not Alexei Ostasheva, for many years a permanent bassist and bassist of the group “untouchables”. He was a talented musician, a loyal friend, a bright man and fought to the last and believed that he will win. Alex left, but he will remain in the music played and written by him. Will remain in our hearts as an example the light heart, great courage, fidelity to yourself, your friends and the common cause. Remember. Love. We grieve,” say the representatives of Garik Sukachev.

      In the last years of his life Ostashev was the bass guitarist of the band “thank you”, founded by journalist Aleksey yablokovym and programmer Anatoly Starostin. Colleagues speak of him as a bright and hard-working person.

      “I don’t know what to do now: as we are without him and where. He was kind and reliable man. An exemplary musician, half of my life “otbasym” in “Untouchable” and able as anyone, to keep his entire group, creating powerful and intelligent rhythmic pattern. He loved old music. He could spend hours talking about the pioneers of funk, the recording features the ‘ 70s, and best of all – just to sit and listen to some ancient soul, smiling at each other in a particularly good place.We recorded our album – it was his last great work. And it is a great happiness… Our CD should be out this week. Leh, are you there, please listen to him. Thank you”, – says Alexey Yablokov on the page in one of social networks.

      Alexey Ostashev was born March 1, 1961 in Moscow. In different years he played in such bands as the Jazz Moscow, “Kennebec”, “Horus” and the “League of the Blues”. In 1996, the musician was a member of the group doing the “untouchables”.