СМИ сообщают о болезни Леонида Якубовича Some publications reported that the master was diagnosed with a heart problem. According to some, the artist had to abandon all projects and go abroad, to pass the examination by qualified doctors. “StarHit” decided to find out how the health of Leonid Arkadievich, and contacted representatives of leading.

      СМИ сообщают о болезни Леонида Якубовича

      Russian media spread information that the leader of the “Field of dreams” Leonid Yakubovich went to Germany for treatment. According to some reports, the 71-year-old entertainer was diagnosed with serious heart problems. Supposedly because of this, Yakubovich will have to refuse to participate in many projects. “StarHit” contacted a representative of the artist and found out how he feels the TV star.

      “He’s all right. Don’t worry!”, – said the representative of Leonid Bykov Anatoly.

      Later the concert Director of the presenter gave a more detailed commentary on the cable health Jakubowicz. He said that Leonid Arkadevich is in order. He constantly plays tennis, speaks of his perfect health.

      By the way, Leonid Academic was recently approved for the role of Mr. Goldiner in the play “the Last Aztec”, which show on the stage of the theater “School of modern play”. However, health problems prevented the man to start work in the play.

      “Partner Tatiana Vedeneyeva was supposed to be Leonid Yakubovich. And before the closing of last season, we all gathered together, as at a table, discussed the figure of the play, the characters. It was planned that the 4 of September we will play the premiere of a new composition. But life has made adjustments. Leonid Arkadievich became seriously ill and now is on treatment in Germany. I am constantly in touch with him, I hope that all will be well,” said the theatre’s artistic Director Joseph Raihelgauz.

      Leonid Yakubovich works not only in the program “Field of miracles”, he also hosts the show “Star on Star” on the channel of the Ministry of defence. However, this transfer may be replaced by Aleksandr Strizhenov. “The first channel” has not yet given comment about the start of the new season of the entertainment show “Field of Miracles”.

      By the way, in the Network there are many rumors about the status of Jakubowicz. After the television star turned 71 years, many publications have begun to talk about the fact that he is in serious condition and the yellow press and is buried host, who allegedly got in an accident. However, it later emerged that Leonid Arkadevich all right. However, in social networks on the page of his daughter from his third marriage Barbara Vido already very long did not appear to share frames with her father.

      Recall that from 1 November 1991, Leonid Abramovich is the permanent host of the program “Field of miracles”. In 2015, the screens out the film “Grandfather of my dreams”, co-wrote the script which became Yakubovich. “I wanted to work with some fabulous stuff, but not childish, as my daughter has grown up, and so that he and the adult could catch,” recalled the film Director Alexander Strizhenov. And when Leonid Arkadievich gave me to read your script, I immediately realized: that’s it, what I was looking for.”

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