Наталья Варвина оправдала мужа за дебош The wife of the General producer of “House-2” has risen to his defense. She explained that there is nothing reprehensible in the fact that Alex Michael allowed himself to relax. Alexei Mikhailovsky disrupted performances, causing the shooting of the finale of the contest “man of the year” lasted almost a day.

      After the scandal on the set of the reality show “Dom-2” when the General producer of the project Alexey Mikhaylovskiy showed up on the set drunk, took his side wife Natalia Varvina. She reported that he sees nothing reprehensible in the actions of her husband, especially since none of those present was not injured.

      “Well, the man drank the extra, went over and sang it a song, something someone said in this crime? Alex aren’t a robot…He killed someone or raped? Who he’s having sex offered? Said something drunk, it’s drunk people. For our family this is absurd, but you never know who is there from the audience says. For the record I don’t see anything wrong. Is obscenities, so what? It’s all words and not action. Just have fun man” – I met the wife of the head of the project.

      During the work on the project “Dom-2” Alex was able to establish a personal life. After four years of stay in the reality show Natalia Varvina has not found happiness with the participants of telestroke, and went down the aisle with the producer of the program. Despite the age difference of 13 years, it did not prevent the lovers to create a strong family.

      Alexei Mikhailovsky allowed myself incorrect behavior during the filming of the final of the contest “man of the year”. According to witnesses, he tore the performances and cursing obscenities on the court, making the recording of the program was delayed by almost a day. Despite calls from colleagues and friends, Michael did not pacify his ardor. According to the publication life.ru producer for a long time could not come in itself, and because the shooting lasted almost a day.

      Not so long ago on the site of “House-2” broke out, another scandal. The project came another girl who dreams to find happiness in his personal life is at gunpoint cameras with Ivan Bursikova. As it turned out, the questionnaire and the phone number of the pretender to the heart of Lovelace have surfaced on one of the sites, with information ladies providing intimate services for money. However, the girl herself denied discrediting the honor and dignity of a rumor, but, nevertheless, decided to leave the project.

      The participant “Houses-2” have been accused of corruption

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