Развод родителей закалил пловчиху Юлию Ефимову Mother of well-known athlete told about the education of her daughter. Tatyana said that all the time Julia spends with his father, who coached the girl. A woman learns about the life of the heiress, won two silver medals in Rio, the news.

      Russian swimmer Yuliya Efimova won at the Olympic games in Rio silver medals at distances of one hundred and two hundred metres breaststroke. The success of the 24-year-old sportswoman boasts the whole country. Yulia had to go through many trials to win second place in two disciplines in the competition in Brazil.

      Swimmer Yuliya Efimova was struck by the candid snapshots

      On the eve of the Olympics it became known that Efimova may not be allowed to participate in races that really affect the emotional state of Julia. When Efimova won his first silver medal, her rival, in particular, American Lilly king, stated that they consider unfair the admission of the Russian swimmers to compete. All this time in front of a TV for the daughter was ill, her mother, Tatyana.

      “You noticed that, taking a second silver Julia smiled, was cheerful and spiritualized? A thought: why is it after the first victory cry? I’ll tell you. The daughter was upset, not because of the fact that I did not take the gold, but because of the atmosphere that was around her. Simply put, not lost his nerve. 5 August, she got a permit, and the 6th began preliminary heats. Where they lived with dad, what to eat and how to train, and do not want to remember. How can there be peace? Yes, rival tainted blood. On the podium after the medals on the first day she walked in the tail, the girls congratulated her, the stands whistled,” recalls mom Efimova.

      Yuliya’s parents a few years divorced. Most of the time the girl spends with her father, Andrei Mikhailovich, who coached her. According to the mother Efimova, a news about his successor, she learns from the news. The woman was so worried about the daughter before the Olympics that she had to call doctors because she was having problems with the pressure. Tatyana notes that often with all issues Julia turns to the father.

      “When my dad divorced, Julia was 13 years old. I think our break-up made her more Mature, tempered, or something. She from Volgodonsk went to Taganrog to training and back. So in life and sports plans Julia I do not interfere”, – said the mother of Efimova.

      Julia has already set his sights on the next Olympics, to be held in Tokyo. Despite the fact that Efimova trains in the USA, the girl arrives to gain strength after the competition in native Volgodonsk, where she has a two bedroom apartment.

      “Before her arrival there I clean, cook her favorite foods: okroshka green borsch, also, in short, I build comfort, so that she didn’t worry. Generally try to protect Julia from everyday life – after a lot of stress she needs to rest. Let’s rest!” – said Tatyana in an interview Wday.ru.

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