Media: Irina Dubtsova an affair with Yevgeny Savin

СМИ: У Ирины Дубцовой роман с Евгением Савиным

The Network does buzzing about the new novel of the singer Irina Dubtsova with the famous TV presenter and former footballer Yevgeny Savin. The couple was spotted at a party organized of men’s glossy GQ. They arrived together, all the time holding hands and acting like a couple. Left the celebrities together.

СМИ: У Ирины Дубцовой роман с Евгением Савиным
After Dubtsova has published on his page in social network Instagram a few photos from the event, but none of them Savin was not seen.
However, this is not surprising: the artist tries not to advertise his personal life, and rarely talks about it with reporters, but recently she was given a portion of the revelations regarding the man of her dreams.

Irina said that marriage is not going to say, plenty of time yet. But in years of dealing with men, she realized what kind of man she needs.
“my man must be my friend – that is the key to a strong relationship. Not passion, not great sex, not money. Friend. Now I love one man, but at the moment the status is: it’s complicated,” said Dubtsova.
It is unknown whether Irina in mind Eugene, but very similar to it. About the new chosen one Dubtsova also known a little. Earlier, he attributed the affair with Tina Kandelaki. After his sports career, Savin started to cooperate with the channel “live TV”, then it began to ascribe and the affair with the General producer of the channel.