Alexander Serov offended the journalists and the producers of the channels

Александра Серова обидели журналисты и продюсеры каналов

Recently a famous Russian singer Alexander Serov disappeared from the radar of the media. As it turned out, the performer of hits “Madonna”, “Music wedding,” “You love me” hurt the owners and producers of television and radio stations, which require money for ethers, but Serov to such treatment are not accustomed and essentially never pays.

Now Alexander continues his performance, mainly on the houses of culture in the suburbs, as well as recording a new album, which will include cover versions of hits by different artists.
“The fact that Serov there in the ether is not a question for him, and to the owners and producers of television and radio stations. All you need to bring the money, and Alexander basically does not do” — said the Director of Serov Aleksandr Stepanovich.
According to the Director, the singer was often burned, was wrong in the national media. For example, he was invited to the TV program, asked me to sing there, and he agreed, and then it turned out that the show wash up bones to some colleague or Alexander to discuss his personal life.
“Since Alexander is hiding from the questions about wives and daughters, avoids contacts with journalists. You know, he cabin, an intelligent singer, he did not like to publicly discuss my private life” — said the Director.