Media: huma Abedin allowed husband to return home

СМИ: Хума Абедин позволила мужу вернуться домой

This woman loves to dance on the rake. Huma Abedin, the assistant to Hillary Clinton, again forgive her husband and even allowed him to return to the house. This publication reports The New York Post, citing insiders close to the original family. Why she decided to forgive her husband, a self-confessed pervert?

According to information obtained from sources huma is not going to share them with my husband and a duplex with three bedrooms and views of Yurion square.
“He had to finally move, but suddenly all came back. They signed a lease for another year. Huma still wasn’t prepared divorce papers that would be someone may say,” said the insider.
Like proof of this, Weiner was seen near them Abadin house along with their five-year old son Jordan.
“Huma thinks about his son, he is her main priority and the main reason she is still with Anthony,” said the insider.
Recall that the 52-year-old Weiner pleaded guilty in correspondence of an intimate nature with a 15-year-old girl. In the course of a virtual novel Anthony sent the teenager a photo of his genitals in the background was noticed by his sleeping young son. Instead of having to send a photo of his passions, Anthony has made it public, which greatly shocked the subscribers. So flick of the wrist pervert sent her life, career and reputation into a ditch.
“I have a disease, but I have no excuses. I apologize to all the victims. Please excuse me and a teenage girl. I am so bad at it do..” said Weiner.
Huma decided to live separately from her husband last summer, but in March of this year forty-year-old woman decided to reconcile with the father of her son for his (the child’s) happiness.