Lecturer of Tallinn University accused the animated series “Masha and the Bear” in the propaganda of military action

Преподаватель Таллинского университета обвинил мультсериал «Маша и Медведь» в пропаганде военных действий

The Priit of Heamagi, lecturer of Tallinn University saw the Russian animated series “Masha and the Bear” in the propaganda of hostilities and participation in a hybrid war. According to the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat, the teacher believes that the animated series was created with a single purpose: to change the external image of Russia.

It is no secret that many foreigners believe the bear symbol of Russia, and Estonia is no exception.
“In the cartoon demonstrates the use of Russian troops soft power” — said Heamagi and added that the imposition of such a positive image of Russia hurts the security of his country. The Priit believes that with the help of the animated series of the Estonian children “brainwashed”.
Recall that this is not the first criticism of “Masha and the Bear”. In October last year, the Russian psychologists have made it to the list of cartoons that harm to the younger generation. Supposedly it encourages spoiled, moods, contains no morality and produces the inability to cope with problems without assistance. However, the Director of the series do not agree with this verdict, and believes that if things were so sad, Netflix, Turner, KIKA, France TV, Sony Music, NBC Universal, Televisa would not buy the rights to broadcast.