СМИ: Эд Ширан тайно женился

A year has passed, as famous British singer ed Sheeran takes a break from fame. The man disappeared from the radar of journalists, and during that time in his life, much has changed. Fans of celebrities are considered on the ring finger of ed ring, which may be engagement.

СМИ: Эд Ширан тайно женился
Sheeran had retired from the social network, but his assistant celebrated the fifth anniversary of her daughter and ed with his bride (or wife) sherry Seaborn was among those present.

“The fifth birthday of my daughter. Even godparents this time with us,” — wrote the girl’s father, alluding to ed and his crush.
Recall that ed Sheeran retired from Instagram 32 weeks ago. Then he said that making a career in music to rest and to explore the world. They recently sherry returned from Australia.
Back to the fans ed promised in the autumn of next year. He promises fans that their third Studio album, on which he now works – the best that he created in life.

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