Will Smith explained why he agreed to play in “suicide Squad”

Уилл Смит рассказал, почему согласился сыграть в «Отряде самоубийц»

Hollywood actor will Smith said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the more he explained his decision to play the assassin Deadshot (Deadshot in “suicide Squad”. The actor who was twice nominated in the category, admitted that he “never played a character who does not care at all”. And, of course, his buddy David Ayer, the Director, was able to persuade him to sign on the role.

“I’ve never played a character who couldn’t care less. This feeling of boundless freedom without having to think about the moral aspects” described their feelings will. However, to get used to the way it was not easy – the actor had to find at least some sort of prototype to look convincing.
“I couldn’t find a model to understand how someone can feel comfortable killing people for money. David Ayer helped me. He gave me a book by John Douglas the Anatomy of motivation”, which is drilled with the minds of serial killers. When I read it, I understood the nature of the thinking of such characters as Deadshot,” said will.
The character of Smith is not total evil, there are a few bright spots.
“The Achilles heel of my character – his little daughter, whom he doted and who needs it,” said Smith.
The Director also very glad that will has agreed to participate in the film project.
“I’m so proud that he did it. I think for all of us, his participation was a surprise, and for him. I feel like I’ve opened in this new role,” said David.

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