Ким Кардашьян впервые показала сына на видео

TV star first showed the many millions of its subscribers, what a funny kid she is growing.

Photos and videos of a 7-month St. West, appeared in Snapchat and Instagram, Kim is a small representative of the star family sitting in wheelchair and smiling. Subscribers to the review have noted that the eyes and smile very similar to her 3 year old sister up North. By the way, if North quite often glimpsed in the photographs on the pages in social networks Kim, the pictures of his son Kim shows very rarely, and the video and let that little looped clip, and does the first.

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Video posted by Kim Kardashian Snapchats (@kimmysnapchats) Jul 27 2016 12:43 PDT

Last week during an interview on E! News at a party in Las Vegas the Kardashian has shared the joy of seynt spoke his first word: “today He said “dad”. Three times. I was so happy! Of course, more happy would be if he said “Mama”, but he’s definitely dad’s son. But I have my mother’s daughter, North, so we each have your baby.”

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