Media are discussing the mysterious death Gulnara Karimova

СМИ обсуждают таинственную смерть Гульнары Каримовой According to some versions, the successor of the deceased President of Uzbekistan was killed. The publication said that it happened in the beginning of the month, and now she’s already buried in a cemetery in Tashkent, but her grave cannot be found because its flattened.

      As reported by a number of sources, the eldest daughter of the first President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov, Gulnara died on 5 November as a result of poisoning. According to them, the woman even managed to bury in the cemetery “Minor” in Tashkent, and her grave was razed to the ground. However, this information was not officially confirmed by the authorities.

      Social networks compatriots Karimova started to worry about her fate, therefore, staged a flash mob “Show Gulnara”. However, all the online resources that were used by woman at the moment not working. According to some journalists, the account Karimova on Twitter is from another person, as there are placed images that were made two or three years ago.

      “Gulnara Karimova is alive, information about her death is false”, – reported a source close to her family. However, no details about its location he gave.

      Probably, Karimov did not disclose his location for other reasons. After the death of her father, 78-year-old Uzbek President Islam Karimov, a former employee of the Minister of foreign Affairs, became known as one of the main contenders to take his place. Over the years, Gulnara Karimova presented the country in the UN and in Spain.

      However, the daughter of the former President previously had problems with international financial institutions that prevented her to take a leadership position. In 2013 in Switzerland was arrested on her account, which kept the amount of about $ 800 million, and in Sweden started to spin the case of receiving a large bribe her with a size of about $ 320 million from TeliaSonera for a license to operate in Uzbekistan. After that, she was denied entry to Europe, and she settled in Tashkent.

      In February 2014, Karimova was placed under house arrest, but this fact was concealed from the public. In the network appeared the whole community, in which people were calling for the release of Gulnara. At the funeral of the President September 2, future leader of the country Mirziyoev, expressing in Parliament condolences to the family of Karimov, said about the eldest daughter, as if it never happened