Maxim Vitorgan showed the first footage of newborn son

Максим Виторган показал первые кадры с новорожденным сыном The actor shared the video on his microblog. Maxim Vitorgan demonstrated how he and his wife and young son went home from the hospital. In the video posted by actor, Ksenia Sobchak literally shines with happiness.

      Максим Виторган показал первые кадры с новорожденным сыном

      18 Nov TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak and her husband Maxim Vitorgan became parents. The journalist gave her husband a son. Vitorgan tried to protect the personal his wife and newborn baby from intense public attention. The actor has shared a video, where you can see happy Xenia with her son in her arms. Apparently, the boy’s fast asleep, and his mother literally glows with happiness. It should be noted that these are the first shots with the heir to the star family. Maxim Vitorgan glad that the paparazzi haven’t caused any inconvenience to his wife thanks to the professional team of doctors.

      “I want to say a huge thank you to all the workers Lapino: and sisters, doctors and the guards. No doubt in the professional competence of doctors and midwives I have not had and could not be. My two older children are also born under the supervision of Mark A. Kurtser and his team. So I knew that everything would be on the highest level. But the fact that none of the clinic staff, despite the pressure they endured in those days, despite being on duty around the clinic car with the paparazzi, despite repeated attempts to penetrate beneath the form of people/animals/things you didn’t turn us in, not sold and not leaked any information or especially photos were for me a great human discovery. It was important for us to protect this moment of our lives from Intrusive curiosity and built on it business. We are touched by your participation, responsibility and professionalism. Thank you from all my heart! You are real people!” – wrote in the microblog a new father.

      “Very happy for you happiness and health to you and your baby”, “She a beauty! Good and bright only you”, “How sweet of you happiness and health,” wrote the subscribers microblog actor.

      Video posted by Maxim Vitorgan (@mvitorgan) Nov 22 2016 8:07 PST

      Actor and TV host, has prepared everything before his birth. They have arranged a room in an apartment on Smolensky Boulevard, but she believed that her newborn will have to live outside the Moscow ring road, as with a stroller clearly uncomfortable walking on the garden ring. By the way, she knows exactly how to raise a child. She will try not to scold him and to restrain their emotions, when they overwhelm her. With the baby the woman will help the nanny.