Valeria Gai Germanika not a child asking about his father

Валерия Гай Германика запрещает ребенку спрашивать об отце The famous Director is not shy of the status of single mothers. According to Valerie, she only once explained to Octavia, where is her dad. The girl is very educated and intelligent, so do not be overcome by the mother unnecessary questions.

      Валерия Гай Германика запрещает ребенку спрашивать об отце

      Scandalous film Director Valeria Gai Germanika does not hide that at the moment considers herself a successful woman: she has a favorite job, two adorable daughters, a hobby. In the program “Alone with all” the owner of a number of prestigious awards in the field of cinema spoke about his family life, principles in men and last relationship with Vadim Lyubushkin.

      “On the men’s function,” says Germanicus, stressing that it does not confuse the status of single mothers. She manages to raise her daughters, to help Finance my mom and work on new projects.

      However, Valeria does not allow her eldest heir to discuss with her a number of questions. In particular, the Director is not talking to the girl about her father.

      “Octavia did not dare to ask about her dad, because he knows that mom is obedience. It is not all questions can ask me. She brought a certain reverence to parents and other people older than her. Not all of it can ask personal questions,” said Valeria.
      Валерия Гай Германика запрещает ребенку спрашивать об отце

      The Director gave birth to the eldest daughter in 2008. However, never Germanicus did not disclose the secret of who the girl’s father. “He just left, which, in principle, true… the Daughter wants to marry me off. “We don’t all fit, but we don’t all fit. But we have something special. Well, you have me quite, Mama,” says Octavia,” said Germanicus.

      Octavia embraced the news that she will have a brother or a sister. When Severin was born, the eldest daughter of Germanicus was to take care of her.

      “I wanted a boy. When my mom sent me this picture, it turned out that she’s a girl. We are all made for girls, PA and then I started to worry, and suddenly it’s a boy, and we all girly. The girl was born. Severina. Everything I gave up, all Seva. I seldom sit so modestly,” says Octavia.

      An eight year old girl talks like an adult, and often helps her mother with little Severina. “Octavia is my support and hope. She is my protector, adviser. She’s a good sister, ready to large motherhood,” said Germanicus.

      Lead program very amused this statement, as the eldest daughter, Valeria, only 8 years old. Despite the fact that the Director copes with a “male” role, she believes that you will find such a life partner who can take the burden on yourself. “We want to see in the head of our family, responsible, kind-hearted man who don’t hate my children and who wants to invest financially, mentally,” shared dreams, Valeria.

      “Be a hero, come and talk to children. My ex-husband will not give anything to my children. They are in fifth grade are educated it,” summed up their wishes directed the controversial series “School”.