Media: Anna Kalashnikova Pregnant getting married

СМИ: Беременная Анна Калашникова выходит замуж

Model Anna Kalashnikov, who last year almost got married to singer Prokhor Chaliapin, again gathered under the crown, and this time, rumor has it, she had to hurry.

Anna, and test their strength in the musical field, recorded a track called “His name was may”, authored by Andrei Frolov. The song tells about “a whole new and special period” in the life of the artist, which “reserves the right to be happy.”
“I finally found love and is experiencing one of the happiest stages in my life, but still prefer to keep secret the name of his chosen. After the experience, I realized that happiness loves silence. We choose a date to officially become husband and wife,” – said Anna in an interview Dni.Ru.
If you believe the rumors, then Kalashnikov is in position, and the second time will become a mother later this year, however, comment on the news about the pregnancy mannequin is not in a hurry, though not to refute them.
“I’m not ready yet to comment on anything: I don’t want to gossip fray my bones and discussed, who what,” said Anna.
Recall that the wedding of Anna and singer Prokhor Chaliapin was to be held in April of last year. For months, the pair carefully prepared for the ceremony and even held a rehearsal. However, the plans collapsed at one point when the DNA results announced by Andrey Malakhov on a talk show, revealed that 32-year-old actor is not the father of the son of Anna, who considered himself a year.