Alisa VOX introduced a new clip

Алиса Вокс представила новый клип

New music from the former soloist of the popular group “Leningrad” Alice Vaux, the same one that after the resounding success of “Louboutins” went in the free swimming, presented his new composition.

The video for the song Alice appeared on her page in the social network.
“Who’s miss rock Alice? I decided to make you a small gift in the form of a new song and video for her. The song is called “Baby” and it is written, that is, on the topic of the day. A small sketch on the theme of repeating history and the mistakes that humanity makes over and over again. The moral of the song is simple: think with your head, learn the history and make conclusions, and don’t step on the same rake as all the previous generation,” commented VOX for a new song.

In composition it is about the participation of students in political rallies. Presumably inspired Alice to write the demonstrations that took place in Russia on April 26. Then at the meetings, initiated by an opposition leader Alexei Navalny, had seen a lot of students and with senior students.
Recall that the first album of VOX is not very appreciated by the audience. Maybe fans of “Leningrad”, accustomed to see Alice in a slightly different position, did not appreciate her solo efforts.